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Sources of information about Jacquard weaving

Many pre-1920 textbooks on weaving can be downloaded from the late Ralph Griswold's wonderful website: On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics

Jacquard weaving began around 1804, so by 1920 there had been more than a century of development with a large number of comprehensive technical books having been published. The changes since then have primarily concerned materials (synthetics) and larger and faster looms. The basic technology of Jacquard fabric design has changed very little.

According to the site: "The document counts by type, not counting bibliographic material and the WeaveTech archives, are":

  • 4720 Articles
  •    462 Books
  •    319 Ephemera
  •    271 Illustrations
  •        7 Manuscripts
  •    347 Monographs
  •    398 Patents
  • 1322 Periodicals
  •    198 Web Documents
  •    116 Other

His site is also mirrored at the Handweaving.net website which also offers further weaving information...

The scanned volumes on those sites are all pre-1923, i.e., works whose copyrights have expired.

My favorite is Watson's "Advanced Textile Design - Compound Woven Structures" whose 1913 first edition can be downloaded (as can many other seminal works on Jacquard weaving).

The Jacquard Center in Hendersonville NC offers intensive classes about Jacquard weaving and the use of JacqCAD MASTER.
Click here for a wonderful interview with Bethanne Knudson, founder of The Jacquard Center and co-founder of the Oriole Mill, recorded in April 2013.

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